El Caliente Token is built on a BEP 20 decentralized blockchain network and functions as a deflationary token. El CALIENTE Token will be used for marketing and to create branding opportunities for all niches, and to purchase and selling of all NSFW products, assets, content, services, unique NFT’s and many more.

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Calintes.Store delivers E-commerce platform for all kinds of NSFW content creators and vendors to market their product within legal framework, whether it is digital and/or physical. Assets can be sold and users can/buy sell their products with complete anonymity at Caliente.Store and Calientes. Store (s).

Calientes. Store Beta is live.     

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Caliente.Market will be our very own in-house freelance/project workplace hub dedicated for NSFW services/gigs within legal framework. This will be for creators of all niches. Here we will you will be able to work with vetted professionals, no matter your budget or needs. Caliente.Market is the place to connect with top skilled individuals of all industries. You can list a gig or a project and be paired with buyers and providers from worldwide.

Calientes. Market Beta is live.   

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Calientes.Live will offer a wide array of earning opportunities for creators, working at their own convenience, essentially being their own boss! Creators will be able to earn by providing content on our Calientes.Live platform.


Creators can earn tips/donations by interacting with visitors, subsriptions to live streaming services and producing content. Our platform will give creators an opportunity to build a loyal audience base as well as networking with industry leader.

Caliente Network team will always be close by to ensure that creators are treated with the utmost respect and helped to achieve their goals. We will provide all creators with a safe work environment. And make sure they will no longer have to deal with chargebacks, unnecessary censorship and lack of guidance.

Calientes. Live is coming soon, stay tuned to feel the hot..

A Market Place for creation and trading of unique NSFW content, AR and VR and dynamic NFT's.